Carbon Black

The N-234 is a Carbon Black particularly suitable for tire treads that require excellent wear resistance, including those made from SBR emulsions, SBR, BR, natural rubber or mixtures of any of these polymers.

It is more cost-effective than a standard N-220, when higher wear resistance is required, giving higher performance in use, even more expensive N-110.

It is also recommended for the manufacture of industrial rubber products such as conveyor belts, solid tires and other products that require excellent abrasion resistance.

It is a high-structure black material, which disperses well and givesexcellent extrusion characteristics to the rubber compounds.


Processing Features:

Excellent resistance to abrasion.

Ease of dispersion.

Excellent extrusion characteristics.



Typical Applications:

Premium passenger tire treads.

Tire truck tire repair.

Applications of industrial rubber products.


Physical and Chemical Properties: