Carbon Black

Carbon Black low piece size and high structure.

It provides the elastomer where good resistance to cuts is incorporated.

Its high structure facilitates its process, is exceptionally easy to disperse and extrude, it makes the mixing faster, providing a module superior to the one of N-330.

It is used in chambers and belts of bearings that require good resistance to wear, including those made with emulsions of SBR, BR, natural rubber or mixtures of any of these polymers and in the casing

Of mountain rubbers.

In the area of ​​industrial rubber products, it is recommended for conveyor belts, solid tires and other products that require good abrasion resistance.


Processing Features:

Good resistance to abrasion.

Ease of dispersion.

Excellent extrusion Properties..


Typical Applications:

Bearing bands for passenger vehicles.

Bearing bands for trucks.

Side bands of truck tires and passenger vehicles.

Applications in industrial products.


Physical and Chemical Properties: