Carbon Black

General Description:
N326 is a reinforcing carbon black, has the lowest structure of the ASTM N300 carbon black series with relatively high surface area similar to N330, suitable for rubber products that need high tear strength, low viscosity and long scorch times.
Its low structure makes it an ideal substitute for acidic channel blacks.
It is used in tire casing, mountain tire treads and solid industrial tires. It is also used in inks, paints and plastics, where it has high staining strength and provides good luster.

Processing Features:
Excellent resistance of the unvulcanized compound.
Low viscosity resulting in excellent resistance to scorch.
Low structure and relatively high surface area, impart high elongation and good resistance to tearing.

Typical Applications:
Tires for passenger vehicles with tread with coated steel.
Tires for truck, with tread and casing with coated steel.
Applications of industrial products that require a unique processing or characteristics of high resistance to tearing.

Carbon Black for Industrial Applications.
Negroven, S.A. does not support the use of this product in any food contact, cosmetics or
medical application.

Physical and Chemical Properties: