Carbon Black N-330

General Description
N-330 is a reinforcing carbon black with low particle size.
It is an industry standard for many tire applications, including both tread and carcass applications.
It represents the traditional way to obtain moderate tread wear with accetable hysteresis.
It is also recommended for industrial rubber product applications, including conveyors belts,
solid tires and other products requiring moderate abrasion resistancpaints.

Processing Features:
Its ease of dispersion makes it processing friendly.
Excellent extrusion characteristics.

Typical Applications:
Under tread.
Belt and Ply.
Bead/apex compounds.
Truck tire re-treads.
Solid tires.
Roller covers.
Hose covers.
Molded compounds.

Carbon Black for Industrial Applications.
Negroven, S.A. does not endorse the use of its products in any direct application or applications that will be in contact with food, cosmetics or medicines.

Physical and Chemical Properties: