Carbon Black N-550

General Description:
N-550 is a semi-reinforcing medium sized particle carbon black.
It imparts moderate reinforcement to the elastomer, it also provides low Die Swell and medium high resistance.
Compared to reinforcing carbon blacks, N550 gives easier dispersion, easier processing and higher resilience in rubber, but with lower tensile, tear and abrasion properties.
It is particularly suited for rubber applications which require good extrusion characteristics, low hysteresis with more reinforcement than N600 and N700 carbon black series.

Processing Features:
Its ease of dispersion makes it processing friendly.
Good extrusion characteristics.

Typical Applications:
Extruded rubber articles like hoses and construction profiles.
Engine mounts and belt inner layers.
Molded rubber parts.
Sidewalls and ply skim compounds in passenger car and light truck tires.

Carbon Black for Industrial Applications.
Negroven, S.A. does not support the use of this product in any food contact, cosmetics or medical application.

Physical and Chemical Properties: