Carbon Black

General Description:
Carbon Black medium-sized particle. It imparts moderate reinforcement to the elastomer where it is incorporated.

It can be used in various applications in the tire casing, where modulus and moderate reinforcement and good processing characteristics are required. It also provides low “Die Swell” and Medium high resistance. Its low structure provides great stability in the dimensions of fast calendering and extrusions.

It is the most reinforcing degree of all degrees of non-reinforcement.

It is used in side bands, in carcasses and chambers of tires; In cable sheaths, belts, hoses and mechanical parts made by extrusion or calendering.

It is also used in plastics and paints, which provides a blue tone and replaces the “lampblacks” and inks, which imparts a matte finish.

Operating Features:
Dispersion ease.
Good extrusion characteristics.

Typical Applications:
Side bands of tires for passenger vehicles.
Applications of industrial products, including hoses, weather strips, extruded profiles, covers, seals and moldings.

Carbon Black for Industrial Applications.
Negroven, S.A. does not support the use of this product in any food contact, cosmetics or medical application.

 Physical and Chemical Properties: