Carbon Black N-772

General Description:
N-772 is a Semi-Reinforcing carbon black. Has a lower surface area and lower structure than ASTM N-500 and N-600 carbon blacks.
It can be used in a wide range of industrial rubber product applications, particularly in applications requiring low modulus, low compression set, good resilience and high carbon black loadings.
The higher carbon black loadings contribute to reduced swelling in adverse environments and reduced permeability. When used in association with mineral fillers offers a good compounding alternative to Thermal Blacks.

Operating Features:
Compared to ASTM N550 and N660 carbon blacks at same phr loading, imparts to rubber compounds:
• reduced viscosity and less heat generation in processing,
• increased die swell and extrusion shrinkage,
• higher resilience and electrical resistivity,
• lower modulus

Typical Applications:
Gaskets, seals, windscreen wiper blades, engine mountings and hose linings Tire tube and inner-liner compounds.

Carbon Black for Industrial Applications.
Negroven, S.A. does not endorse the use of its products in any direct application or applications that will be in contact with food, cosmetics or medicines.

Physical and Chemical Properties: